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Human Hair Lace Wigs Medium size
  • Product code: Human Hair Lace Wig

  • Order type: Stock wigs

  • Base construction: Lace top and front with the open machine made weft at crown and back area; Pu at left and right side; elastic band at back for size adjustment

  • Base size: Medium capsize

  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair

  • Hair length: 14”

  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7, #10R, #22R, #613, #30RT,#60RT,#2020T,#1740T,#1620T,#6244T

  • Hair density: 140%

  • Hair curl: Straight

  • Front shape: CC

  • Hair direction: Freestyle

Hair replacement suppliers

As hair wig system replacement supplier WeShopping By Wonderful Multhair is Wonderful Multhair LLC Trademark in Canada, have a wealth of experience in the manufacture and supply of hair replacement systems for both men and women.

We are professional hairpiece manufactoring, lace hair systems, skin hair systems, mono hair systems and wigs are what we most excel in making.

No matter your customer’s needs, you can find the ideal solution right here. In-house manufacturing allows us to keep our pricing low and our quality high.

Consistent quality
We have full control over the consistency and quality of our stock and custom toupee wigs. With attention to any detail.

Customer Service

Our sales team will provide professional guidance and insights and respond to any queries quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of a personal response.

Efficient Deliveries

We control wigs and hair pieces production, we do everything we can to avoid delays, so your order gets to you on time.
If your order is delayed in any case, you will be notified immediately.

Base Toupee

Skin gauze

This men’s toupee wig can be made with skin base. The skin gauze is made from a polyurethane material which is a very sturdy material.
This skin base is made by the hair being injected into the base. This results in the men’s toupee hair pieces having a flawless finished look giving the toupee the illusion that the hairpiece is growing out of the scalp.
With the skin gauze material, one is able to enjoy versatility in styling as one can part the men wig in any direction.

The PU toupee has been designed to meet the requirements of  men experiencing hair loss problems. The male hair pieces has a thickness of 0.12-0.14mm. The hair system has 4mm to 30cm curls and a base that is made entirely from full thick poly/PU.


For the clients do high-intensity activities then the PU hair toupee could be a good choice because of the superior hold that you get from its thicker base. Since the base of men hair units are so thick, the hair pieces itself will also last longer.

Fine mono

The Fine Mono has a fine mono base with a 1″ PU coated perimeter. It is available in multiple base sizes.
This selection of base sizes will meet the different demands of the customers.

It is essential to understand what the requirements of a hair unit wearer are to ensure you choose the right one.
The Mono has the twin advantages of being both durable and breathable

Q6 Toupee

This hairpiece is made from French lace with PU on the backside. French lace is a very durable base material. It will play a critical role in giving the male unit a seamless and natural look with an invisible hairline.
The hair length is 6 inches and has a curl type of 4.0 cm to 35cm. This means the hair may appear longer or shorter due to the curls shrinking. 

This is a good thing as the hairpiece will appear more voluminous.
The hairpiece can take a light-medium to medium density.

Hairpiece Wig

French Full Afro Lace Hair length: 6”
  • Product code: Full Lace Toupee Afro

  • Order type: Stock Afro for men

  • Base construction: Full french lace afro wigs for men

  • Base size: 8*10“

  • Hair type: Rémy hair

  • Hair length: 6”

  • Hair density: Medium light

  • Hair curl: 4mm afro

  • Front shape: CC

  • Hair direction: Freestyle

  • Hair color: #1, #1B

Service Repair

Our Team Of Experts Can Also Offer Repairs 

Services for your wonderful wigs toupee and hair pieces. With careful practical work and great precision, we can repair broken bases, lace fronts, tangled hair pieces and much more. You can simply send us your hair piece, we will do it.

Repair It And Send It Right Back!
What Can We Do About Repair Integration Hair Systems?

- Fill hair in damaged area 

- Repair broken base surface, such as broken pu or broken lace, mono 

- Replace lace front

- Treat tangled hair pieces 

- Add hair frame

- Custom request available

Female Toupee

WLZ Women Toupee Base size: 7x8”

• Product code: WLZ Women Toupee

• Order type: Custom toupee hair for women

• Bottom construction: French Lace with skin gauze sides and back

• Base Size: 7*8”

• Hair Type: Rémy hair

• Hair length: 18” (45cm)

• Hair color: #6 (Stock women's ring color)

• Hair Density: Medium to Medium-Heavy

• Hair curl: Natural straight

• Face shape: CC

• Hair direction: Freestyle

Medical Wigs

Medical Wigs G Hair type: Chinese virgin hair

• Product code: Medical Wigs G

• Order type: Stock order

• Bottom construction: lace top and front with elastic netting at the crown and back; Pu at left and right; elastic band at the back for size adjustment

• Base size: Medium capsize

• Hair type: Chinese virgin hair

• Hair length: 14”

• Hair color: #4, #6, #7, #10R, #22R, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1620T, #6244T

• Hair density: 140%

• Hair curl: Natural straight

• Contour shape: CC

• Hair direction: Freestyle

Medical Cranian Wigs

• Product code: Medical Cranial Wigs

• Order type: Custom medical grade wigs

• Base construction: Hand-tied, extended lace front, fine elasticated top

• Size of the base: According to an old medical wig

• Hair type: Indian hair

• Hair length: 6″

• Hair Density: Medium light

• Hair curl: 3.2 cm

• Contour shape: CC

• Hair length: 14" (35cm)

• Hair direction: Freestyle

Medical Wigs Custom order and/or pre-order

• Product code: Medical Wigs

• Order type: Custom order, pre-order

• Bottom construction: silk top with stretch net at crown and back; 1/2" French lace at front; elastic band at back for size adjustment

• Base size: Medium cap size

• Hair type: Virgin hair

• Hair length: 14”

• Hair Color: #Natural Black, #4/6, #22

•Hair Density: 130%

• Hair curl: Natural straight

• Contour shape: CC

• Hair direction: Freestyle

Full Skin Wigs

Injected Thin Skin Female wigs
  • Product code: Injected Thin Skin

  • Order type: Custom-made order

  • Base construction: 0.10mm injection thin skin all over

  • Base size: According to wig measurements

  • Hair type: Chinese hair

  • Hair length: 14”

  • Hair color: #8, and according to customer custom color

  • Hair density: Mediumto medium-heavy

  • Hair curl: Straight

  • Front shape: CC

  • Hair direction: Freestyle

Thin Skin Wigs Custom-made
  • Product code: Thin Skin Wigs

  • Order type: Custom-made

  • Base construction: 14mm clear poly all over with V-loop hair

  • Base size: According to template

  • Hair type: Indian hair

  • Hair Length: 6”

  • Hair color: Custom color ring

  • Hair density: Medium light

  • Hair curl: 4.0cm

  • Front shape: According to template

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